The end of the year is always a time of reflection, this year we have plenty to look back on, consider and hopefully forget so let’s burn out the last month of 2016 (widely agreed to have been a real train-wreck of a year) in style. With 2017 shaping up to be the beginning of uncertainty in a great many things, lets take our respite in love, light and the company of friends. Here’s some December high points from your downtown candle in the darkness. Hold my hand and don’t let me go.


Saturday December 3rd and 10th:

Check Yourself Presents the 3rd Annual Holiday Cover show starring local rippers like The Hurt Ensemble, Twin Foxes, Hank Sinatra Jr, Weak Teeth, Public Policy, Edgar Clinks, Food Court, Bloodpheasant and Darklands. Covering some of your favorite bands like At the Drive-In, The Descendants, Modest Mouse, Pearl Jam, My Chemical Romance and Billy Ocean. Two Saturday nights, the 3rd and the 10th can barely contain all this Holiday cheer with proceeds going to benefit the RI Community Food Bank and raffle prizes from Ogie’s Trailer Park, Armageddon, New Harvest, Flatbread Pizza Co., Olympic Records and more!



Every Wednesday in December

Join Brugal Rum 5pm-8pm for Wind Down Wednesdays. *8-10pm on December 7th* That means a FREE Brugal Rum cocktail concocted by Brugal’s very own beverage wizards, PLUS Brugal Rum tastings, PLUS giveaways, EQUALS the perfect early evening excuse to avoid malls, traffic, screaming children and anthropomorphic cartoon reindeer. Do yourself a favor and stop by for some good old fashioned adult fun! Free Drinks, free drinks, and the possibility of more free drinks.  Oh! And don’t forget FREE downtown street parking during this holiday season.


Sunday December 4th

Let’s do the Time Warp again, this time as a benefit for RI PRIDE. Join RKO Army as they shadowcast The Rocky Horror Picture Show live at Aurora. All your favorites are here, Dr. Frank N. Furter, Janet, Brad, Riff Raff, Eddie and the rest,  come by and toss some bread at the screen all for a worthwhile cause.


Friday December 9th

“Four to Five hours of Breaking Glass Sound effects ASMR”

Infamous PVD boomerangs return with the power of elevated taste and cultivated crates to lay down the thunder for your mid December dancefloor passions. With DJs:

Muscle Academy (NYC, Harshboys, Houseboy, https://soundcloud.com/dasgoing)

Valise (PVD, HumanBeast http://maralie.com/tagged/valise )

Nick Klein (NYC, L.I.E.S./Alter https://soundcloud.com/nick-klein

Lolito (USA MORE Records https://primitivelanguages.bandcamp.com/album/lolito-volume-1-2 )


Tuesday December 20th

Stay Silent crew rolls in with some Holiday cheer for an early evening screening of the classic “Home Alone”. In this installment of The Cozy Theater, relive the misadventures of young Kevin Mcallister as he steals a toothbrush and is scared of his neighbor. Also John Candy. Never enough John Candy in this world.


Thursday December 22nd

Local Filmmakers Kia Davis and Kelly Riley debut their short film Puppytown. Directed by Davis and written by Derek Kroesller the cast is stuffed full of Providence’s own creative talent. Described briefly as a love letter to the Art & Music community of Providence where a hometown man-child makes good, a piano is destroyed and love is briefly mentioned. Two showings at 7:30pm and 10pm with bands in between and following.


Saturday December 31st:

Stay Silent, the purveyors of our door busting Saturday night hip hop party Bounce House and the citywide celebration Day Trill, post up in Aurora to throw the new years banger to end all new years bangers. It’s going to be lit.

Keep it 100, fam.