April Showers better not mean April Surprise Snowstorms cuz I’m sick of this sh#t!

April is like March if March was a sociopath (it is) that was trying really hard to be your friend (it isn’t). Sure April might try to do you in once or twice but most of the time it’s just gentle rains and the hopeful possibility of renewal. April is also of note for its various pagan fertility rites and the Catholic’s “Dead Shall Rise” gimmick. I’m all about the frisky rabbit vibe (sans peeps) but can do with out the zombie narrative, no offense JC. BTW can I get a holler back RE: Reese’s Seasonal Cups? The Xmas trees are dope, the Valentines Hearts are doper, but these Eggs. . . these Reese’s Eggs peanut butter to chocolate ratio is completely out of hand. They make me believe. Mostly in my impending diabetes but also in second acts, new life and new beginnings. Let’s all get down with Spring, this past Winter was chock full of curve-balls and I think we could all use a fresh start. I’ll bring the Reese’s.

These are some April Highlights that you can find here at Aurora:


Saturday April 1st

The Burbage Theater Company Presents: The Altruists

followed by RUNNIN THRU THE 401

An April Fool’s/ Aries Dance Party

with DJ Cathawk

Selector Anuedy

Da Huey X


Monday April 3rd


Our Future Monday Programming in April goes to benefit

Higher Ground International

Join us for a DJ showcase featuring:

Charlie Tune$

Maxx Major


Wattz Beats


Friday April 14th


The first and last words in Providence House Music.



Join him and sing the body electric.


Tuesday the 18th


Elizabeth Kaiser presents the evolving one woman performance


Friday the 28th

Twin Foxes/Darklands record release

The sweetest bearded boys dropping the hottness in PVD indie rock.


Sunday the 30th

a staggering double header to finish out the month with

BEYOND WRESTLING going bell to bell in the afternoon

followed by the long awaited


local hip hop artist and Producer Cam Bells debuts the fruits

of his labor right here at Aurora!