Aurora’s Guide to FRINGE PVD

The Providence Fringe Festival is arriving, and hitting Aurora first. From July the 20th to the 25th, Aurora will be host to a number of different kinds of performance artists, ranging in music, dance, theatre, improvisation, poetry, comedy and much more.

Big Nazo

Here’s everything going on:

7:00pm-10:00pm: Official Fringe Opening Party with Big Nazo, Marc Kaplan,  Czesare Santana, Rod Luther, and more TBD

7:00pm: Pop-up Performer Explosion
8:30pm: Touchstone/Salmon/Frosting by the Ergot Players

6:30pm: Sound Streaming by Rod Luther
7:30pm: No Exit 17 by Herman’s Wheels
8:30pm: Something About the Weather by Hollis Mickey
9:30pm: The Gary Buttner show featuring Gary Buttner

Something About the Weather

6:00pm: mYshow by Paul Valenti
7:00pm:  Czésare Santana
8:00pm: No Exit 17 by Herman’s Wheels
9:00pm: Esoterotica’s Bawdy Dates in the Ocean State by Zach Bartlett
10:00pm: Mac by Shawn Fennell and Amy Lee Connell

7:00pm: Sound Streaming by Rod Luther
8:00pm: Presentism: A Gay Fairy Tale by Arts Impulse
9:00pm: Mac by Shawn Fennell and Amy Lee Connell
10:00pm: The Gary Buttner show featuring Gary Buttner


6:00pm: mYshow by Paul Valenti
7:00pm: Mac by Shawn Fennell and Amy Lee Connell
7:30pm: Esoterotica’s Bawdy Dates in the Ocean State by Zach Bartlett
8:30pm: Dandelion Farm by Dandelion Farm Ghost Ensemble
9:30pm: Other Girls by Hannah Thompson
10:00pm: Big Nazo Lab’s Galactic Cluster

A little bit about the various players and shows taking over Aurora…

Big Nazo Lab’s Galactic Cluster
This medley of theatre, sculpture, music and comedy makes sci-fi cool again. A quirky scientists befriends “subterranean extraterrestrials” on an asteroid outside Earth. This show is the result of their collaboration.

Pop-up Performer Takeover
All of your favorite street artists take the stage for once in a magical blend of music and art.

Formed originally from a fan club for the rock duet Breastmilk, the Ergot Players have gotten together to show off paintings made by paranormal investigators and girl scouts. Terrible monsters. Cats and cemeteries, women and demons. Witches, feral children and mother. FRIENDS. And this doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Sound Streaming
An exciting new approach to the traditional medley.  A medley for the 21st century!  Streams of melodies coming together to create sounds never before heard from piano lover Rod Luther.

No Exit 17
Sal is stuck in the murky waters of undergraduate identity.  In No Exit 17, we find three college roommates seemingly trapped in a one-bedroom apartment, see our misunderstood selves in Sal, Allen, and Edna, and somehow manage to laugh.

Something About the Weather
  Something about the Weather is a poetic meditation on weather prediction. In this immersive ode to the soothsaying of meteorology, a solo performer unfolds a dreamlike tale of infatuation with the TV weatherman. Incorporating a rich soundscape, 35mm slide projection, a smidge of science, and a dollop of alchemy, this performance offers a curious reimagining of the morning weather show.

The Gary Buttner Show
  A news/talk show based purely on improvisation, the Gary Buttner show featuring Gary Buttner is Winnetka’s only late-night cable access show available.

  Paul (of the Chris and Paul Show) pulls the audience into is imagination, inviting them to play.  A clownish show in the vain of Laurel and Hardy. One fairly silent man attempts to communicate using his body, mind, and people in the audience.  A unique and fun theatrical experience combining the energy of vaudeville and the grace of Buster Keaton.

 Czésare Santana
  Czésare Santana is a Latin Alternative Folk/Rock/Fusion Singer-songwriter. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New England, Czésare combines the musical richness of his Latin roots with the powerful message of his soulful lyrics.

Esoterotica’s Bawdy Dates in the Ocean State
   Zach Bartlett will transport some of the show’s funniest material across state lines from New Orleans, including accidental rebound girlfriends, one-night stands with surrealists, and an original dirty limerick for every single city in Lil’ Rhodey. Join him for a night of sexual satire, frisky farce, and wry wromance!

  A man, a woman, a deck of cards, and a prophesy of death and power that sends them spiraling into a treacherous game whose hands are surprising but whose end is unavoidable. Witness Shakespeare’s bloody classic reimagined as a close-up magic show.

Presentism: A Gay Fairy Tale

Dandelion Farm
  Dandelion Farm is a play within a play about a woman who dies twice.  Full of music, dance and mystery, it takes place “in the darkened jewel box of the skull.”

Other Girls
 The unexpected transformations in Hannah G. Thompson’s performances create interactions of absurdity and closeness between she and the audience. She unfolds her fabric sculptures with movement-based performance to soundscapes that she has mixed.