Bar – – Opening Soon!


Forgive us for our jet-lag post Grand Opening.  We will very soon be able to open our doors seven days a week for all of you lovely people.   Soon! Soon you will stroll down Westminster Street, in glamorous Downtown Providence, and join us in our cool space for a tasty frozen beverage, or a bag of popcorn, an iced cream sandwich perhaps, a signature cocktail or two… Soon! We will soon be open everyday and we can’t wait to have you.

Aurora House Rules are as follows:

1.  See these people around you? They are your sisters and brothers and Yay we are one intergalactic family.  We are they is us.  We are!

2. Don’t be nice, be real.  Also, be nice.

3. And though we may not always get along, Yay we shall discuss things in a reasonable manner without an excess of swearin’

4.  Talk amongst yourselves!

5.  Seek truth, in yourself, in each other.

6.  Make some human connections for %#@ sake!Glass

7.  Now shut up and take in the show!

8.  Now you be in the show!

9.  Now buy em a drink!

10.  No bare feet!