Aurora is invested in providing a venue and voice for the many communities residing within Providence RI, this may take the form of local musicians, independent promoters, non profit organizations, municipal assemblies and gatherings of persons or groups from around the city. Filling out the following pages provides Aurora (as a venue) with the information needed to give you the best possible (customer) experience and in turn our guests the best possible nightlife experience Downcity has to offer. It is also our hope that this form proves useful as a tool to help realize the many facets of your event and aids the planning, organization and execution of your night.

WHO: Contact info, name, number, email address.

WHAT: What do you want to do? Give us the gist. Is it a party? A performance? A presentation?

EVENT DETAILS: lets get specific. If this is a live music performance we need to know who is performing, what they are doing and what their technical needs are. If this is a film screening we need to know what film(s) are being shown, when they are being shown and what they are being shown on. DVD? Laptop? VHS? Super 8? We have projectors will you be using them? What type of AV do you need? How many chairs? etc. Help us help you by being as specific as possible. If you have any questions or are unsure of the logistics, we are always happy to help.

WHEN: Timing is everything. Aurora is always booking events and creating programming, at this point we are booking 2-3 months ahead of the current date and even longer for weekends, if you have a specific date in mind the sooner you put a hold on the date the better. If you aren’t particular about the date just reply “ OPEN” and we will help find an opening for you. Live entertainment and event planning can be a fluid and chaotic affair, you never know what might open on short notice!

WHY: last but certainly not least please tell us what you are about and why you are holding your event. Who is your event for? What are you hoping to create? We put a lot of effort and energy into curating a unique event space that is open to all communities regardless of age, gender, race or sexuality. As a for-profit business with a particular aesthetic and curatorial mission we reserve the right to decline any event that expresses or promotes ideas and attitudes antithetical to our mission statement. Racism, sexism, homophobia, violence or hate speak will not be tolerated in our event space nor will any event or gathering that seeks to promote, glamorize or seek profit from such ideas.