october, 2017

23oct - 24oct 235:30 pmoct 24The Last Providence Synth Petting Zoo Show


Event Details

Join us one last time for a night of electronic experimentation and fun. Come set up your euro rack or just drop by and learn on one of our synths. Compare patch notes, jam out and discover a whole new world of sound design.

Afterwords we will kick off more traditional show sit down show featuring synthesizers, projections and all manner of ambient space age sounds.
Synth Petting Zoo/Expo Hours (FREE): 5:30pm-9pm
Music show Hours ($6): 9pm-midnight

***Ryan Campos

**Ursidae (Portland ME)

***Aether Chroma (Boston)

***John Detora

This event is a collaboration between friends in The New England Synthesizer Community, Frayed Knot Electronics, Squarepop and more!