Inaugural Jazz Jam Session – Wednesday September 10th at Aurora

Inaugural Jazz Jam Session on September 10th from 8- 11 pm at Aurora, 276 Westminster Street, Providence, RI.

Jazz fans and musicians of all ages are invited to an inaugural jazz jam on September 10th from 8 pm to 11 pm.  The jam will be hosted by Aurora, at 276 Westminster Street in downtown Providence, on the second Wednesday of each month.

Leading off as the house band will be Leland Baker on tenor sax, Clay Nordhill on guitar, Sam Kurzontwoski on bass, and Jungo Kang on drums.  Well known for their compelling original compositions, they are versed as well in the standards.  “Standards are an integral part of the jazz tradition.  A lot of the jazz masters first perfected the ‘language’ over tunes from the American song book before creating original compositions”, said Baker.

Ben Shaw, who hosts the bimonthly series Is this Jazz? at AS220, will MC to ensure a smooth exchange of musicians with the house band.  “It’s an honor to support this effort to fill the void after the great Roots Cafe closed”, said Shaw.

Aurora has all three music licenses s all jazz standards can be played with full due to their composers.  The house band will rotate monthly to accommodate an array of jazz styles, and to showcase different musicians.  A $5 donation will support the house musicians and MC.

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