Living in the Future

Living in the Future: New Paintings by Quinn Corey at Aurora

A custom mural and a show of paintings by Artist Quinn Corey enliven Aurora through April.

Using the graphic language that both draws on spectacular pop culture and reconfigures it, Artist Quinn Corey has constructed a show of paintings and a mural for Aurora entitled Living in the Future.   The mural was created on the two facing walls in Aurora’s theater and depicts, with Corey’s signature cartoonish style, the Past represented through cigarettes, fast cars and a suitcase of money and the Future, where a transcendent guitarist shreds while the call of a wolf is seen as a rainbow projected into the sky.  The mural is a striking expression of Corey’s retro glam vision, and fittingly, its past and future frame Aurora’s stage, where artists of all stripes create work nightly in the present tense. Installed in Aurora’s lounge, Corey’s paintings feature an oversaturation of pop imagery as strained through the artist’s psychedelic imagination. Living in the Future will remain on display through April.  More on the artist and his work can be found at

Quinn Corey - Past Quinn Corey- Future