Dear Aurora Family and Friends

We are reaching out to share some news: Aurora will be closing its doors as of the end of October. This wonderful space which has previously housed The Black Rep and Roots Cafe has under Aurora’s tenure been a vibrant venue for creative expression and community interactions. It’s provided a destination for live music, DJ’s, up and coming music producers, hip hop, rock n roll, salsa and Latin dance, jazz, film screenings, analytical discussions and panels, a bona fide independent theater company, community organizations, delicious craft cocktails, and even the occasional wedding!

We’ve seen Aurora flourish over these past three and a half years because of those who came to share their experiences and talents in the space. We would like to thank all of our incredible patrons, performers and staff for the great energy that they brought into this space. We plan to celebrate each remaining day with our programming partners, friends and family.

Come see us! See a show! Have a drink! Play a show! Dance the night away!

Yours truly,

The Aurora Family



The best part of the Summer is the cusp. The anticipation of. The precipice. That’s May. May is the Christmas Eve of Summer. May is the edge of the diving board. The top of the water slide. The peak of the roller coaster. Get ready. It’s about to go down.

May is a good time to get your bike fixed up. May is a good time to move all your winter clothes from the on-deck pile to the sea trunk in the hallway. May is a good time to prep the grill for the season of open flame culinary pursuits. May is a good time to remember you meant to do more push-ups and hike more trails. May is your warm up for the wrestling match of Summer, so make sure you stretch and take your vitamins Summer is a marathon not sprint. Also stock up on sun screen and aloe vera now. You know you’ll need it. I know I’ll need it.

May the 4th be with you


MAY 5th

Cinco de Holla

It’s Hil Holla‘s B-Day, it’s Cinco de Mayo. It’s classic mashup party of two things we love and want to celebrate. You are free to join us. It’s gonna be lit.


MAY 6th

Funk Underground & DAP

PVD hip hoppers, The Funk Underground, bring it back to the old school. B-boy crews sure to be in effect. Teaming up is Brown University’s own DAP the Contract.

MAY 12th

Rhode Island Electronic Music Conference

The three day fest lands at Aurora for round two featuring the synth-wave stylings of

Home Body


DJ Wattz

MAY 13th

Bounce House

You know this party. It’s the best hip hop party in town. Period. There’s no reason to argue the point.

If you don’t believe just show up. You’ll see.

MAY 15th

Future Mondays

Drag Impresarios Annie B. Frank and Pulp Friction host a night of Drag Performance and revelry

benefiting May’s organization of choice, The Institute for the Study and Practice of Non- Violence.

MAY 28th

Runnin Thru the 401

No work on Monday so the boys of summer

DJ Cathawk, Aneudy the Selector and Da Huey X are going to

throw a ripper featuring the best hip hop and party jams.

(DeGeorge picture for reference)


Here’s a photo of (most of) the Aurora Management Team taken by the incomparable Jaime Lowe!

Hope to see you at the bar or the dance floor this May!

April Showers better not mean April Surprise Snowstorms cuz I’m sick of this sh#t!

April is like March if March was a sociopath (it is) that was trying really hard to be your friend (it isn’t). Sure April might try to do you in once or twice but most of the time it’s just gentle rains and the hopeful possibility of renewal. April is also of note for its various pagan fertility rites and the Catholic’s “Dead Shall Rise” gimmick. I’m all about the frisky rabbit vibe (sans peeps) but can do with out the zombie narrative, no offense JC. BTW can I get a holler back RE: Reese’s Seasonal Cups? The Xmas trees are dope, the Valentines Hearts are doper, but these Eggs. . . these Reese’s Eggs peanut butter to chocolate ratio is completely out of hand. They make me believe. Mostly in my impending diabetes but also in second acts, new life and new beginnings. Let’s all get down with Spring, this past Winter was chock full of curve-balls and I think we could all use a fresh start. I’ll bring the Reese’s.

These are some April Highlights that you can find here at Aurora:


Saturday April 1st

The Burbage Theater Company Presents: The Altruists

followed by RUNNIN THRU THE 401

An April Fool’s/ Aries Dance Party

with DJ Cathawk

Selector Anuedy

Da Huey X


Monday April 3rd


Our Future Monday Programming in April goes to benefit

Higher Ground International

Join us for a DJ showcase featuring:

Charlie Tune$

Maxx Major


Wattz Beats


Friday April 14th


The first and last words in Providence House Music.



Join him and sing the body electric.


Tuesday the 18th


Elizabeth Kaiser presents the evolving one woman performance


Friday the 28th

Twin Foxes/Darklands record release

The sweetest bearded boys dropping the hottness in PVD indie rock.


Sunday the 30th

a staggering double header to finish out the month with

BEYOND WRESTLING going bell to bell in the afternoon

followed by the long awaited


local hip hop artist and Producer Cam Bells debuts the fruits

of his labor right here at Aurora!


Sorry sports bros, I’m not referring to your bracketed deluge of college basket tossers. No, what I’m talking about is that whirring cabin fever that grips the temperate zones after a few months of repeated winter abuse. The kind of fever that makes you walk outside on a 6 degree day and desperately attempt to punch the sky. You’ll never connect my friend, trust me, the sky has incredible head movement.



Fortunately, as always, Aurora has got your back and together we can grab on to the last month of winter, drag it to the ground and mercilessly beat the life out it allowing the sweet spring energies to seep back into the world. Let’s celebrate our seasonal victory with a month of events. We all deserve it.

Friday the 3rd LUST FOR LIFE II

Post punk for your life with local and traveling adherents to the faith

Baylies Band


Tall Teenagers

Beta Motel

Even Twice




Sunday the 5th ANNUAL PRIDE GODDESS SHOW,  followed by Joey LA NEVE Record Release

The afternoon offers RI PRIDE’S 18 Annual Goddess Show.

The evening is the long awaited record release for PVD’s own La Neve.

Tuesday the 7th,

Some good old fashioned rock and roll provided by

The Band Ice Cream

Good Friends (Good Friends are the 3/4ths of Deer Tick kicking it freestyle in the streets.)

Black Beach


Friday the 10th DYKE NIGHT

Dance night. Allies welcome. Bros fall back.


Friday the 17th  Burbage Theater Co. Presents: The Altruists

Hot new rager from the BTC Possee, PVD’s True Renegades of Theater.


Sunday the 19th  Winter Goldsprints

Speed trials on stationery bikes whilst slamming cold ones. Real apocalyptic stuff.


Wednesday the 29th Joni Mitchell Cover Show

Personal interpretations of the beloved songwriter’s timeless classics by local friends and aficionados.

Thursday the 30th

UP THE PUNKS. A classic ripper just like you used to rage to.

Snot Rocket

Party Pigs

The Howl

Hairspray Queen






We celebrate St. Valentines day in February along with a great swath of the Western World due to our particular Abrahamic theological lineage. It used to be a religious feast day in observance of the martyrdom of one St. Valentine and it wasn’t until Chaucer got involved that it became a smoochy boochy affair. Nowadays, much like the Christ’s Mass, it’s another excuse to max out your credit line on stuff your significant other neither wants nor needs and another night it’s impossible to get a table at any restaurant worth eating at.


Don’t believe the hype, religion died in the northeast right alongside the steam engine and the gramophone and we are all well aware that no half baked converted feast day is going to save us from the bitter winds and wretched precipitate of our foul winter lives. Maybe if there was a cheerfully decorated coniferous plant or more Holiday appropriate Claymation specials

. . . but I digress.

Aurora, on the other hand, is pleased to offer the time tested remedy for suffering too far from our equatorial origins, ie. staying indoors, turning up the heat and tying one on. You can do that here with us and we have ample excuses in February to do so…


Saturday  the 4th

An enchanted evening of the regions finest Hardcore punk and related subgenres featuring followers of the ethos and champions of the ethic:

Sweet Jesus

Hairspray Queen

Open City


Weak Teeth



Friday the 10th

Full moon dance party

Big Moon weirdness for all the night lifers featuring DJ’s from Boston and NYC spinning out Reggaeton, Soca, Grime, Tropical, Dub, Future . . . an evening of contemporary and classic dance music for the discerning electronic music enthusiast. Featuring DJ’s:

RIOBAMBA [Picó Picante/Que Bajo?! NYC]





Saturday the 11th

The Stunt Queen Tour:

Mykki Blanco

Mykki Blanco is an artist that is hard to put into words, The Wire describes their work as “One of the hardest and most consistent recent statements in US hip-hop“.

From Wikipedia: “Blanco has been called one of hip hop’s queer pioneers, although he does not identify with the label of “gay rap” or “queer rap”. Blanco also disagrees with those who portray him as a drag artist, saying “You can’t tag me as the rapping transvestite. I never vogued in my life. I’m from a punk and Riot Grrrl background.” Blanco is self-described as transgender and multi-gendered.

Mykki will be performing alongside long time collaborator Cakes Da Killa, you don’t want to miss this oppurtunity to see an artist of this caliber in their ascension. Sure to be an evening of powerful performances that will undoubtedly be one of the best of 2017.


Sunday the 12th

Story Lab

The Long awaited 3rd installment of Aurora’s storytelling series. Curated by Jaime Lowe and hosted by Reba Mitchell and Jack Prime, February’s incarnation of Story Lab is themed Heart of Glass: First Crushes in step with the pertinent and impending commercial holiday disaster. Hear tales from local personalities Michael Dates, Courtney Denelle, Brian Mullens, Chachi Carvalo, Kat Cummings, Jenny Young, and in remembrance of Mark Baumer.


Tuesday the 14th

Luv U Better Valentines Day

If you’re going to go out and do a thing on V-day with or without a date you might as well do something you will enjoy like dancing to 90’s R&B with your friends, sipping on some Henney and drunk texting your crush all hopped up on sour apple blow pops and pizza rolls. You know how Stay Silent does it. Only the best for our fam.



Wednesday the 15th

The Love Hangover Show

Had enough of Valentine’s? So have we.

The Love Hangover, now in its eighteenth year (and its sixth city and second country), is an annual event held on February 15th. On this day-after evening, the world-weary and the true believers alike huddle in pairs, playing songs to heal broken hearts and break whole ones. 

Local luminaries of the music scene come two by two and each duo performs love songs to hold forth on love in all of its many guises: the joy, the pain, the humor, the frustration, the ecstasy, the agony, the list goes on and on, just like love.  The songs can be originals or covers.

Performances by:

Tai + Moon
The Van Nostrand Sisters
John Fuzek + Amy Bedard
Ian Fitzgerald + Molly Pinto Madigan
Chrissy Wolpert + Patty McGee
Jen Long + Brian Jablonski
the ‘Mericans

More information can be found here: 


Friday the 17th

Gay Goth Nite: Hardened Hearts

This is the best Goth night in Providence. The sister act to Montreal’s Gay Goth Night featuring the same tastes and talents, this is a true display of soul deep Gothiness, this is no Hot Topic costume party this is the real deal, a roomful of beautiful freaks living their own personal truths. From Sun Goths to Cyber Goths, Gay Goth Night is where we can all be alone together.


Sunday the 19th

Modular Meetup

Do you like bleeps? How about bloops? How do you feel about pricey electronics and tangled masses of multi colored wires? If you like any or all of these things you may have future in the exciting world of modular synthesis. If you don’t know what a Modular Synthesizer looks or sounds like picture a HAM radio vomiting its innards to the tune of the spooky whistles and drones of 1950’s sci-fi. That’s pretty close. If you want to go hands on and experience The Matrix for yourself, come to Aurora for a full rodeo of synth delights, including demonstrations, synth petting zoo and performances from local notables.


Sunday the 26th

Refugee Benefit

The Second installment of Jon Wisehart’s benefit concert series with all ticket proceeds being donated to aid refugees of war torn areas.


2017 is sure to be a year none of us will ever forget. With the great many uncertainties that face us and those that we love, it’s important to have things you can rely on. One small thing that isn’t about to change is that we here at Aurora are committed to bringing you programming that reflects, informs and entertains the community we are so proud to be a part of. Starting off the year with a sense of (heavily) guarded optimism we present to you our January highlights, best of luck to us all:


Sunday, January 1st


Nope. No way. Were you here last night? It was turned ALL the way up. That’s why we are taking the night off. Probably going to sleep late then all get together for brunch. Maybe go bowling. Definitely get down on a snack attack. We’ll be back on the 2nd so if you forgot something at our off the wall New Years Eve Party, check in with us then. PEACE.


Saturday, January 7th

Tor Johnson Presents

Tor Johnson Records has been a staple of the local independent music scene for 15 years now, big on heart and low on BS they showcase local and label talent at venues all over town, we’re very happy to have them here featuring the likes of:

Weak Teeth

Ordinary Lives





Saturday, January 14th

Bounce House

Back at again with the white Vans. Bounce house refuses to miss a beat, all your faves will be here DJ Where’sNasty?, Sabrinsies, Hill, Cam, Rae, Roberto, Fame, come out and turn up with your peoples. Get here early tho cuz we sell out everytime, doors at 10pm we’ll see you there.



Wednesday, January 18th

The Body

I did an “amusing” and marginally informative write up about this humdinger you can read here

Rest assured this will be a heck of a show starring PVD ex-pats The Body, and local heavies

Lingua Ignota





Thursday, January 19th

The 3rd Shift

Local Producers Unite! Created by local hip hop impresarios Kris Fame and Cam Bells, this night has become the hot ticket showcase for local production and MC talent. A menagerie of styles and scene are represented with turntablists, controllerists, live bands and DJs all taking their turns in the most dynamic collection of local hip hop talent in town.


Tuesday, January 24th

Karaoke Facepaint

It’s not an ironic band name, it’s actually a thing we do. Think: your favorite mid-20’s DIY warehouse karaoke party with your besties plus Chrissy Jones expertly painting fantastical faces (last month I was Captain America Spiderman) in our lovely downtown public domain. Drinks are still delicious and ranging from thrifty to Deluxe. Empress of Tuesday Night, Alison Nitkiewicz, rules the night from behind her hardwood pedestal. Pay her a visit, sing a song, paint your face, sip on sipper and enjoy all the numbers. Tuesdays can feel good if we let them.


Wednesday, January 25th

Covers Night

This installment of our much loved Covers Night pays tribute to legend of the east coast psychedelic/pop art movements LOU REED. Dust off your Velvet Underground tablature, throw your copy of Transformer in the cassette deck and amp up for absolute classics performed by your favorite local artists including: The Neutrinos, Matt Fraza Band, Rafay Rashid, Harvey Garbage, Black Oil Incinerator, Laurie Amat, Jeremy Harris, Chrissy Wolpert, Pattie Magee, Florence Wallis, Dan Dodd, Rachel Rosenkrantz and our very own “Hollywood” Steve Delmonico.


Saturday, January 28th

The Funk Underground

Representing Project 401, MCs Eric Axleman and Sydesho front the old school party rap outfit The Funk Underground. Think Full Force meets The Roots Vs Sugar Hill Gang. Full band, positive vibes and styles, b-boys making some noise, Album release super jammer. You want to get in on this.



The end of the year is always a time of reflection, this year we have plenty to look back on, consider and hopefully forget so let’s burn out the last month of 2016 (widely agreed to have been a real train-wreck of a year) in style. With 2017 shaping up to be the beginning of uncertainty in a great many things, lets take our respite in love, light and the company of friends. Here’s some December high points from your downtown candle in the darkness. Hold my hand and don’t let me go.


Saturday December 3rd and 10th:

Check Yourself Presents the 3rd Annual Holiday Cover show starring local rippers like The Hurt Ensemble, Twin Foxes, Hank Sinatra Jr, Weak Teeth, Public Policy, Edgar Clinks, Food Court, Bloodpheasant and Darklands. Covering some of your favorite bands like At the Drive-In, The Descendants, Modest Mouse, Pearl Jam, My Chemical Romance and Billy Ocean. Two Saturday nights, the 3rd and the 10th can barely contain all this Holiday cheer with proceeds going to benefit the RI Community Food Bank and raffle prizes from Ogie’s Trailer Park, Armageddon, New Harvest, Flatbread Pizza Co., Olympic Records and more!



Every Wednesday in December

Join Brugal Rum 5pm-8pm for Wind Down Wednesdays. *8-10pm on December 7th* That means a FREE Brugal Rum cocktail concocted by Brugal’s very own beverage wizards, PLUS Brugal Rum tastings, PLUS giveaways, EQUALS the perfect early evening excuse to avoid malls, traffic, screaming children and anthropomorphic cartoon reindeer. Do yourself a favor and stop by for some good old fashioned adult fun! Free Drinks, free drinks, and the possibility of more free drinks.  Oh! And don’t forget FREE downtown street parking during this holiday season.


Sunday December 4th

Let’s do the Time Warp again, this time as a benefit for RI PRIDE. Join RKO Army as they shadowcast The Rocky Horror Picture Show live at Aurora. All your favorites are here, Dr. Frank N. Furter, Janet, Brad, Riff Raff, Eddie and the rest,  come by and toss some bread at the screen all for a worthwhile cause.


Friday December 9th

“Four to Five hours of Breaking Glass Sound effects ASMR”

Infamous PVD boomerangs return with the power of elevated taste and cultivated crates to lay down the thunder for your mid December dancefloor passions. With DJs:

Muscle Academy (NYC, Harshboys, Houseboy,

Valise (PVD, HumanBeast )

Nick Klein (NYC, L.I.E.S./Alter

Lolito (USA MORE Records )


Tuesday December 20th

Stay Silent crew rolls in with some Holiday cheer for an early evening screening of the classic “Home Alone”. In this installment of The Cozy Theater, relive the misadventures of young Kevin Mcallister as he steals a toothbrush and is scared of his neighbor. Also John Candy. Never enough John Candy in this world.


Thursday December 22nd

Local Filmmakers Kia Davis and Kelly Riley debut their short film Puppytown. Directed by Davis and written by Derek Kroesller the cast is stuffed full of Providence’s own creative talent. Described briefly as a love letter to the Art & Music community of Providence where a hometown man-child makes good, a piano is destroyed and love is briefly mentioned. Two showings at 7:30pm and 10pm with bands in between and following.


Saturday December 31st:

Stay Silent, the purveyors of our door busting Saturday night hip hop party Bounce House and the citywide celebration Day Trill, post up in Aurora to throw the new years banger to end all new years bangers. It’s going to be lit.

Keep it 100, fam.



Hey it’s Feast Season Y’all! You know what that means. . . loosen the belt, open wide and stuff yourself with as much savory goodness as the human body will allow. Here at Aurora Providence we fully support the responsible consumption of all life’s simple pleasures, we have a new Fall Cocktail Menu, plenty of left over Halloween candy (dibs on the Reese’s) and a month’s worth of top flight programming including compelling theater, thrilling athletic feats and some good ol’ fashioned Rock & Roll. Open up.

Friday November 4th

THE FLU SEASON PREVIEW: The Burbage Theater Company returns for the second installment of it’s autumn program aptly named The Flu Season, written by Will Eno and directed by Wendy Overly, performances are every Friday night at 7pm and every Saturday at 6pm from November 4th till December 3rd.


DOOMSDAY STUDENT: PVD noise rock legends Doomsday Student team up with NES Punk turned Alt Rock superstars Math the Band The Band. Also on offer Pittsburgh Radiation Rockers Microwaves and the video art and pop rock of Sensitive Hearts. Top notch riffs all around, every amp goes to 11.


Sunday November 6th

BEYOND WRESTLING: Full sized ring. Full sized wrestlers. Off the top rope into the crowd. No joke. Aurora isn’t that big, this action is INTENSE from the opening bell to the final pin. You have never seen Pro Wrestling this raw and personal. Doubleheader starting at 2pm and 6pm respectively.


Tuesday November 8th

AF THE NAYSAYER: New Orleans based head knocker, rolls in with his Southern dipped Future Beat along side Tour-mate Tame. Aurora’s own Ambassador of Rhythm, Kris Fame, holds it down on behalf of PVD with the help of femme fatale battle rapper Iris Creamer and R&B dream girl Rose’ Petal.


Tuesdays November 15th

THE OH SEES: Haven’t caught former PVD native John Dwyer since he last played Soft Approach? Me neither. I think we’re both over due for a refresher on why the Oh Sees are one of the best garage rock outfits touring today. SOLD OUT, SON!


Sunday November 27th

AN EVENING OF MUSIC TO BENEFIT REFUGEES OF WAR: Local body art athlete and vocal powerlifter Jon Wisehart, is doing his part by organizing a benefit for refugees of war starring local Providence mega bands. Do some good by coming out and supporting this worthwhile cause. 100% of ticket proceeds will be donated.