November is HERE! And Brrrr it’s off to a chilly start.  Don’t worry, we have some red HOT programming at Aurora this month.  Here’s what will keep you warm inside and out:

Aurora November Calendar

For details on these events, click:

piano lounge

Every Tuesday listen to a local pianist tickle our in-house Baby Grand Piano.   This month features  JPA Falzone and Joe DeGeorge.


WEDNESDAY 11/5 Salsa con Soul will make you SWEAT.

Devotion 11-6

THURSDAY 11/6 “Hope you like the Cocteau Twins!” – Nick Bishop

DJ’s Nick Bishop and Mikey Lams present DEVOTION- a night of music not forgotten.

11/7 FRIDAY! JUST IN: The Providence Preservation Society presents the Symposium, “Not Always Easy, Building the New Urban Experience.”  The location of the FRIDAY Symposium has been relocated to Aurora! Find out more information about the speakers and panels here:

11/7 FRIDAY NIGHT 10:30: Late Night Dance Party with DJ Adam Autry

SATURDAY 11/8 7:30 pm: Won’t You Come Home, Bones Bailey? Party and premiere of the short film directed by Mel Rainsberger.


11/8 SATURDAY 10:00: LIVE MUSIC: Pree (DC), Carnival, Blacksow, and DJ Inner Action.  


Try our Coffee Grog, the Ron Fuego, it may be frozen, but it’ll light a fire inside you.

Ingredients: Gosling’s 151, China China, Cayenne Cinnamon Syrup, New Harvest Coffee.