Reactions, a photography exhibition by Norlan Olivo, on view at Aurora

Norlan Olivo is a local Providence photographer who works with black and white film and traditional darkroom processes. Olivo actively participates in the Providence music and art community. He is in two local bands, The What Cheer Brigade and The Downtown Boys and has also worked with local non-profit organizations AS220 and New Urban Arts teaching black and white photography to Providence high school youth and adults.

Currently, Olivo is interested in people’s reactions and responses to being confronted with unexpected visual moments. He photographs his subjects during their viewing of a twenty-minute video he has edited to specifically trigger emotional responses. Subjects are shown visuals portraying acts of violence, horror, and sadness in addition to other content and then photographed once during each video. Participants are all photographed during the same exact moments in order to focus on their individual facial expressions to the content and how it aligns with other subjects.

Olivo explains “We can all imagine what it looks like to be scared, happy, disgusted, sad or excited, but do we ever actually see these moments in a photograph? “Reactions” is a photo series that aims to capture these visceral emotions as they occur. I want to break the barrier between what we perceive these emotions to look like and what they actually look like as they happen. It’s really interesting to not only study people and how they react to certain content, but to analyze how these reactions vary from one person to the next.”

Reactions, a medium format photography exhibition by Norlan Olivo, will be on view at Aurora through the month of September.  All art work is for sale.

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