Providence—Jazz fans and musicians of all ages are invited to a second jazz jam onOctober 8th from 8 pm to 11 pm. The jam will be hosted by Aurora, at 276 Westminster St in downtown Providence, on the second Wednesday of each month!!

This month, the house band will be Chris Gagnon on sax, Joe Godfrey on piano, Chris Lacaille on drums, and Matt Passeroni on bass. While standards will be the norm for the jam, the group will lead off with an original composition by Gagnon, written when he wanted to “compose a blues melody with interesting harmonic tensions” Aurora jazz jam flyer (10:14)

Ben Shaw, who hosts the bimonthly series Is this Jazz? at AS220, will MC to ensure a smooth exchange of musicians with the house band. “It was astounding to feel the love at our first jam; we have such an incredible community in Providence”, said Shaw.

Turnout for the inaugural jazz jam exceeded expectations with at least 80 in attendance, including nearly 30 performers. It was like homecoming for friends of the Roots Cafe jam, with a great vibe all around.! !

Aurora has all three music licenses so all jazz standards can be played with full due to their composers. The house band will rotate monthly to accommodate an array of jazz styles, and to showcase different musicians. A $5 donation will support the house musicians and MC.

Aurora is a mixed-use, creative venue in the heart of downtown Providence. The bar at Aurora features craft cocktails and custom frozen drinks.

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