7/18-7/20 Weekend ~ GET PSYCHED ~

ottorollsbtikiFRIDAY 7/18 – Tropical Bass with DJ Dan Tanner – Just in time for the dog days of summer comes a DJ night full of Dub infused Pineapple Beats with a Caribbean Flavor!!!

SATURDAY 7/19 – Monthly Otto Club event- this time with DJ’s Rolls Beyonce + Celestina! Providence, be psyched! Get here early for CM’s (of The Analog Underground) hot Disco tunes – follow us later in the night for the ~ BANGERz. //=\\ OTTO @ AURORA //=\\

SUNDAY 7/20 –  Nobody’s Coming to Dinner is celebrating the release of their debut album, Liquid Dog Music. http://www.auroraprovidence.com/tourdates/nobodys-coming-to-dinner-presents-the-party/

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