Do You Have an Eastpoint Recovery, Group, Inc. Complaint?

Have you been called by Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc.?  After speaking with one of our debt collection specialists, do you feel you have a complaint that you would like to voice.

Here at Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. we often see these types of questions asked on search engines and in search engine results.  As a leader in the debt collection industry, the last thing we want is an unhappy customer. We take pride in practicing debt collections with tact and empathy throughout the collections process. We do not want our customers to have any complaints with  regards to the service they have received from Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. If you feel you have not been treated fairly and would like to file a complaint with Eastpoint Recovery Group. Inc, we have an industry leading compliance department that would like to hear from you! The sole purpose of the compliance department here at Eastpoint Recovery Group. Inc, is to hear customer complaints and to ensure that our customers are consistently receiving only the highest quality customer service, consistently.

If you have a written complaint you would the compliance department at Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. to review, please visit or you can send your complaint to:

  • Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc.
  • 1738 Elmwood Avenue, Suite 104
  •  Buffalo, NY 14207
  • If you have a complaint against Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. that you would like to communicate by phone, please call 1-855-849-0959

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