Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. | Third Party Collection Agency

Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc, is not your run of the mill collection agency. Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc is a firm believer in treating their customers with dignity and working together to find amicable solutions to resolving their past due debt.   When entering into a loan or initiating a credit card, people do not intend on their accounts falling behind and becoming past due. Unfortunately, even those these are not the intentions, it still happens. After six months of non-nonpayment the account is typically placed in collections. This is when an agency like Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. may become involved. Our clients will place these delinquent accounts in our office as a third-party collection agency, in hopes to come to a resolution. Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., has a reputation for being an industry leader in their ability to resolve delinquent debt, compliantly. When your past due account reached this point of the collections cycle, your account may have been assessed interest, late fees, and or penalties. At Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc., we will do our best to help you resolve these accounts in the most efficient way possible.


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