Tips for Using Car Magnets for Advertising

Car magnets can become an incredibly versatile tool for advertising, allowing your brand to be seen everywhere you go. That’s without mentioning the additional benefits of car magnets, like being easy to maintain (you only need to do a simple cleaning about once a week!) or the fact that they’re easy to remove. Nevertheless, designing something is always hard, so here are some tips to make it easier on you.


There are a couple of standard sizes for car magnets. Having the biggest and grandest message will be completely useless if the magnet won’t even fit on your car. Measure your vehicle before you order a car magnet, you wouldn’t want to get a size that doesn’t fit!

Also, remember that car magnets only go on flat parts, if there is any molding or bevels they won’t work. Also, if you have made out of fiberglass you’ll need to find another alternative, as magnetic car signs won’t work. For those cases, vinyl decals

Full Color

Most people who see your car magnet will be on the road, and odds are they’ll only give a quick glimpse to your car. This means you want to to make it stand out as much as possible, and by using full-color graphics you do just that.

Simple is better

When using your car to advertise your business, a common mistake we often see is trying to fit in everything about your company on one magnet. Fax, telephone, address, name, logo, what you do, slogan, etc. With so many things on one magnet, it gets very difficult to understand what you actually want others to read.

Try to keep it with just your company’s name, what service you provide, and a phone number. You can add your website as well. Odds are, any potential customer will end up searching for your company on google to know more about your business, so you really only need to focus on your company’s name and service.

Size Matters

Even if your logo might look great printed on a business card or on your website, odds are it won’t look as good if it’s zoomed in and upsized to fit onto a car magnet. If you have a low-quality photo, the file will end up looking extremely pixelated or distorted after being enlarged.

A quick test to see if your image works or not is to zoom in at a high level, 200% works as a minimum, but you can go upwards to 600% as well. If the image does not look good zoomed in, it probably won’t look good as a magnetic sign.

Learn More About the Importance of Logo Size in the Video Below


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